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Racing South of the Border

For many years we have been supplying parts to Volvo racers participating in the annual Carrerra Panamericana race in Mexico, as well as to racers in South America. The Carrera is a week long road race over open roads which recreates and commemorates the original Carrera races of the early 1950s. This year, one of our sponsored customers, Richard Bailey, owner/driver of the Apple Farmer Racing Team car out of Washington State, finished first in the Historic A+ category  - 16th overall. Photos of his efforts can be seen below, as well as photos of his and other Volvo racers participating in the Carrera for the past few years. 


Thanks to Steve Berry, above left for the photos. Go to for more details on the efforts of their team shown in the photo below.

Congratulations to the Apple Farmer Team.

Photos of some of their Volvo competitors can be seen below.