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123 Ignitions for multiple makes
123 ignition
Available for Volvo B16, B18, and B20 engines, as well as MG, Mercedes, Minis, Jags, Porsche, Triumph, VW, etc... Learn More

Mikuni Carburetors
Mikuni Carbs
Our Mikuni carb kit is designed to be an easy to bolt-on replacement for SU carbs, right on the stock SU manifold, for multiple european makes... Learn More

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VPD Develops and sells proven performance technology for your vintage car ....

For more than a decade VPD has been developing products designed to enhance the performance of vintage Volvos, for both street and competition use. We have become known worldwide for our unique line of high quality Volvo performance parts for both street and race use. Now, recent changes have added an expanding inventory of items applicable to other vintage sports cars and sports sedans, including carbs and distributors for MG's, Jags, TR's, Alpines, Mercedes, etc. Modern technology continues to allow us to develop products which can transform a vintage car into a car that performs like a modern sports car - with enhanced handling, performance, reliability and fuel efficiency - allowing you to have an exciting vintage car to drive at a reasonable cost while retaining its original looks and vintage character.