How to Contact Us

Vintage Performance Developments
527 Buckingham Avenue
Syracuse, New York 13210
Phone: 315-478-1229

As we are a small operation e-mail correspondence is preferred. When I am in town emails are usually returned within 24 hours. On weekends or when on trips, due to the volume of emails received it may be longer before an answer is sent, especially if considerable information is requested. Please include the word "Volvo", "MG", "TR", other car make,  or "Car Parts" in the Subject so your email can be easily differentiated from the spam. 

Telephone Calls

Time on the phone is time away from working on a customer's project, so the phone time has to be limited. If you have to call, try 10:00 - 12:00 in the morning Eastern US time, Monday thru Thursday, and ask for me - John Parker. If I don't answer please leave a message and I will try to get back to you.  If I am in the shop working on a machine I can't hear the phone anyway and would never get anything done if I stopped everytime it rang.  

If you have to get hold of me at another time because we are meeting, you are dropping off or picking up parts, or other urgent reason, try my cell phone 315 440 6560. Do not use this # for routine messages as I usually leave the phone in the truck and only use it when on the road.  If I didn't get your original call, I probably can't access the message either as I am often in areas with limited cell service. Use the regular office number above for messages and send an email to confirm. If we are working on your car at the Wellwood Garage in preparation for a race, etc., and cannot reach me at the above numbers, try 315 720 7525,  but do not use this number to leave messages.

          Spring and Summer Hours

From late March through October our office is closed on Fridays. Not haveing to answer the phone and emails on Fridays gives us a chance to get more shop work done and catch up on responding to customers we may have missed earlier in the week. Its also the day of the week that we are most likely to be away doing testing or as part of a race weekend.

Physical Location

The above is the office address which is used for mail and some shipping and receiving.  We have several garages in the Syracuse, NY area where engines are built, cars are stored and worked on; however, as most of our customers are located hundreds or thousands of miles away, and most of our products are shipped to them, we do not have a show room or shop which is regularly open to the public. 

Some photos of our locations and activities are below:

 Above are photos of our Burnet Ave. storage garage. Cars in the photos include 3 1800 vintage racecars, the first 140 sponsored by IPD for professional racing, Topi's 140 ex rally car, the first Marcos V8 prototype being restored for vintage racing, my 1964 Marcos 1800 GT once and future racecar, a 65 Mustang vintage racecar ( under the car cover ),  our 1800 ES supercharger test car waiting for body work and paint, a couple of Jags, and several customer cars waiting for engines and restoration work.