Dyno Tests

Race Engine Tests B18 2.3 stroked v 2.0


The above is a dyno comparison of  two configurations of a B18 vintage race engine. The engine was first run as a 2 liter - 3.5 " bore and stock 80 mm stroke. Then it was rebuilt for our customer with the same 89 mm bore, but with a 92 mm stroke ( using a custom made stroker crank ) instead of the stock 80 mm stroke. The cam, head, carbs, and exhaust system remained the same, making it a good demonstration of the effect of increasing the displacement by stroking.  Note the flatter torque curve on the stroked engine. The top chart is power at the wheels. The chart below it shows power at the crank. In each chart blue is the 2.3 L and red the 2 L.