Dyno Tests

MGB Dyno Test

Finally got a chance to do a dyno test of the 79 MGB with the Dual Mikuni Carb Kit. 95 HP at the wheels! That's as much as Moss Motors gets with their supercharger kit. This car originally had a single Zenith Stromberg carb. The  Mikuni carbs were added as part of an engine rebuild so we did not get a chance to do a before and after test . ( Using Moss Motors dyno tests as a comparison the rear wheel HP is almost double the stock engine output. )  Other changes besides the carbs include a "fast road cam" , head porting, and a header. The car is very responsive and really fun to drive.  The dyno results show why.  As the car was very sensitive to timing changes and had the stock distributor, I would be looking to get another 5 HP or so with a distributor like the "123"  where we could get a more accurate high energy spark and could control the timing advance curve.

In the chart below, the blue line is wheel power. Red is wheel torque. Black is power at the crank. All are with STP ( Standard Temperature and Pressure ) correction factors.  During the course of 11 runs we gained about 10 HP with changes in jetting and timing. Torque at the wheels peaked at 93 ft lbs at both 3500 and 5000 rpm, but was essentially a flat curve between those peaks. Engine power reached 130 at 6200 rpm, with the "at the wheels" figure being 95. More complete data is available for anyone who is interested.